Walke. A Family Name.

Since 1996, the Walke Brothers name has come to signify exceptional quality in all of our products and services.

About Walke Meat Company

Backed By Quality.

We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. Our professional staff has the expertise and dedication to provide the friendly service and finest products that have helped make the Walke Brothers name the benchmark of goodness. The Walke’s believe that a good reputation and consistent quality and service will enable them to continue a long and lasting relationship with all of their customers. This is why we have one standard — the USDA Choice standard.

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Seals of Approval.

Shop Talk.

Looking for a unique way to feed a small or large group of people? Give us a call and we can suggest some of our specialty products like our Boneless Whole Stuffed Hog, USDA Choice Rib Roast Or maybe a lobster stuffed tenderloin. We love this stuff! Call Us! 918-341-3236

How Much Meat - Beef
How Much Meat - Pork

Meat Processing.

Fill out our online cutting card to place your meat processing order, process or CALL TODAY to book a processing date. Want to buy a half or whole beef or Hog? We can help.

Retail Store.

Aside from the full stock of Steaks, Chops, Roasts, Ground beef and pork products we have a full rotation of cooked and fresh sausages. Andouille, Bratwurst varieties, Hot Links. Meat Snacks: Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage, Beef Jerky and many other specialty cheeses, seasoned meats.

Meat Bundles

Beef, Chicken, Pork or Mixed. We offer bundles that will fit anybody’s needs. Need a gift box? Walke Brothers BBQ Sauce & Walke Brothers BBQ Rub, and throw in a gift card while you’re at it!!

Barbeque Sauce

Walke Brothers Barbeque Sauce is prepared with the finest ingredients to provide you the same great tasting recipe that has been in our family for four generations. The blend of seasonings is the perfect compliments to beef, pork and chicken.

Walke Barbeque Rub

Our Walke Brothers Barbeque Rub is prepared with only the finest herbs and spices to compliment the savory flavors of your preferred meats. Simply apply generously as a rub on your favorite roast, steak, poultry or chops. Great on seafood and vegetables too!

Private Label and Co-Packing Partners

Walke Meat Company works with several companies to provide private labeling and co-packing services.

About Walke Meat Company.

Walke Meat Company is a family-owned business that started in 1996 as a State of Oklahoma inspected slaughter plant. In 2010 following an immense amount of work we were granted our certificate of inspection by the USDA. This opened up the possibilities to grow in several directions. Currently we service a large group of private label and co-packaging partners, many of whom ship across the country. We also have a growing retail business which where we sell our array of sausages bacons, steaks, ground beef, seasonings and barbeque sauce. Our core of custom slaughter and processing is still alive and well where we process approximately 35 beef and 10 hogs per week. We have earned over 100 awards for our quality cured meats and sausages at the Oklahoma Texas Meat Processors Association’s Cured Meats Competition and also have several national awards for our Beef Snack Sticks, Hot links and Andouille Sausage from the American Association of Meat Processor's, American Cured Meats Competition.